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We guide you – with commitment and personalized service – all the way to contract conclusion and beyond.

In our carefully organized support processes, we serve as a partner to tenants and landlords – and buyers and sellers – helping them efficiently navigate a course to their individual goals. Moderating negotiations between the parties involved is thereby a key element of the services we offer. In this way, we produce results that satisfy everyone involved.

We take discretion very seriously, and maintain the utmost confidentiality with regard to each party to the negotiations: renter and landlord, buyer and seller.


Owners and landlords
Unbenannt-1   Systematic documentation of your property
Unbenannt-1   Comprehensive analysis of the asset
Unbenannt-1   Project-specific consulting for living spaces
Unbenannt-1   Development of a customized, detailed prospectus
Unbenannt-1   Organization and handling of viewing appointments with interested parties
Unbenannt-1   Inspection and handover of the property
Unbenannt-1   Preparation of contracts for rental or sale
Unbenannt-1   Credit check services
Unbenannt-1   Ongoing reports and status updates
Unbenannt-1   Photo session to showcase your property
Unbenannt-1   Home Staging - showcasing your living space professionally gives it an appeal that speaks to a wide variety of potential tenants and buyers on an emotional level
Unbenannt-1   We pursue sustainable projects - and can accessorize any space to give it a cozy ambiance. The creative team at main elements will gladly provide on-site assistance

Companies and tenants
Unbenannt-1   Development of a needs assessment based on the unique criteria and conditions
Unbenannt-1   Evaluation of the costs incurred with regard to various leasing plans
Unbenannt-1   Systematic support for processes involving employees and tenants
Unbenannt-1   Short notice requests to provide assistance responding to sudden unexpected demands for suitable properties; for example, due to team deployments
Unbenannt-1   Exclusive appointments for corporate clients to view the property with an option to reserve
Unbenannt-1   Competent, flexible support in all aspects of your search for housing
Unbenannt-1   Planning and organization of house-hunting trips, plus coordination of viewing appointments
Unbenannt-1   Orientation tours for newcomers, advice on the community and what it has to offer, tips on adjusting to a new culture, as well as information on formalities, multilingual and intercultural skills
Unbenannt-1   Terms and conditions that are fair, and fees that are transparent