Our services – private individuals

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The ideal property reflects who you are; and is as unique as you yourself. We therefore guide you step by step – with personalized service and commitment – in your search for the perfect home with the living space you desire.

”Your vision of an ideal home is unique“ ... which is why we take the time to learn about you and your wishes. Our living space solutions are individualized – providing you with a home that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Unbenannt-1   temporary or long-term
Unbenannt-1   furnished or unfurnished
Unbenannt-1   house, flat or room
Unbenannt-1   in an urban setting or leafy green suburb
Unbenannt-1   a stylish flair with a touch of extravagance, or rather a comfortable, unpretentious environment

Your needs

Whether a cosmopolitan nest or an oasis of comfort on the city‘s outskirts, we‘ll find you the perfect home. Commitment and attentive service are our hallmarks.


Whether this mobility involves a business trip or a relocation, we help you master the career-imposed organizational and strategic challenges by providing everything from a furnished apartment to a residence offering room and board.


Focus We focus on more that just finding you a place to stay – our experience provides us with a fine-tuned sensibility and a deep understanding of cultural differences. This allows us to focus precisely on your unique expectations and needs.

Strong partners

We collaborate with a network of top-notch partners and experts from the fields of interior design, housekeeping, and concierge services. We also offer assistance in the form of relocation logistics and tradesman.

Best of all

Best of all Our fees are transparent and easy to comprehend - allowing you to choose a package that meets your budget and needs. Learn more