About us

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The primary focus of our business is project-based development of individualized solutions for living spaces. Whether a rental or sale – tailored real estate solutions are our core competency.


The 4 pillars of main elements

Personalized service We provide assistance tailored to your individual needs and desires ... working closely with our customers is always paramount - from the initial meeting to the contract conclusion.

Motivation We put heart and soul into helping you ... using our extensive knowledge and specialized expertise in the fields of new media and intercultural competence to efficiently meet your aims.

Commitment You can count on us ... we value our customers and the importance of having a trusting relationship with them, which is why commitment is a key element of our business philosophy.

Expertise Benefit from our expertise ... our exceptional understanding of the market is based on many years of handson experience, allowing us to focus our activities on selected, dynamic metropolitan regions.

The main elements-team

Performance excellence demands a creative, highly motivated team of experts with long-term experience. Working with knowledgeable partners, each with specialized expertise and strengths, gives us a synergistic network in which all collaborate to provide you, the customer, with outstanding results. Our team is distinguished through its real estate expertise, and its distinct focus on service. Multilingual, intercultural skills are an integral aspect of who we are.

Careers at main elements

As a dynamic company, main elements is always interested in talented newcomers who share the same values and work ethic. Unsolicited applications are therefore always welcome! We offer exciting, challenging assignments in a pleasant work environment; and a streamlined organizational structure with an open, direct style of communication. Get to know us!

Strong partners

With main elements, you get far more than just real estate services. We support our customers by providing a broad spectrum of services. To deliver these services with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, we collaborate with a dependable network of experts. To expand this network, we are continuously on the lookout for ideas and business partners that complement our service portfolio. Maintaining a close relationship and ongoing dialog with our business partners is essential to our core enterprise.